Keith Jones: Power Player in San Diego

Keith Jones Power Player in San DiegoAll across America heirs and heiresses rise and fall, but Keith Jones of the San Diego Jones Dynasty keeps on rising.  He is the grandson of Ace Parking’s founder, Evan Jones, and renowned philanthropist, Malin Burnham.  While many people with backgrounds such as his tend to fall into bad practices and waste their opportunities, Keith Jones has seized every opportunity he could.

Why is he so successful?

Keith Jones is not from a prominent family, but at the age of 32, he is the Managing Principal of Ace Parking.  He manages one of America’s best parking management companies with over 5,000 employees in over 450 locations across the country.

One of the traits that has made him a power player in the San Diego community is his unending dedication to the people of San Diego.  He took an important page from Grandpa Burnham’s book on charity and has driven Ace Parking to collaborate with over 50 philanthropic organizations.   He is also an executive member on the committee of San Diego’s Regional Chamber of Commerce.  In addition to all of this, he is chair of the Downtown San Diego Partnership and several other prominent positions.

Motivation and Possibilities

When he was asked about the reason behind his management style and his philanthropic works, he had this to say:  “I’ve been taught by my grandfathers to be engaged civically.  A good amount of people have taught me humility and gratitude.

Keith believes that political and religious beliefs are unimportant and that extremism is one his biggest pet peeves.  Because of his background and personal professional drive, his future seems limitless.  He is determined “to continue to find ways to be as effective as possible as a community leader.”

While he is developing his own leadership style and management techniques, as well as employing elements of his education, he always goes to his grandfather for advice when he doesn’t know what to do.

Keith Jones’ Efforts to Improve Ace Parking

Keith Jones Ace ParkingKeith Jones, the grandson of Evan Jones (founder of Ace Parking), was trained at an early age in the art of customer service and excellence in parking management.   His father, Scott Jones, raised him with the same idea that Ace Parking was founded on: neighbor helping neighbor.

Keith’s Vision for Ace Parking

As Keith grew up and became an employee, then partner and managing principal of Ace Parking, he had a vision that he was determined to see implemented.  His father’s legacy was the exponential growth of Ace Parking, which Keith witnessed growing up.  He saw the company explode into a leader in the parking industry with more than 4,500 employees and an annual income of $369 million from the 450 locations across America.

He realized that he could help to continue this growth and has done so by solidifying and creating many new partnerships.  This was just a side project though, because his true goal was to make the company more progressive than any of their competitors, in the field of Eco-Awareness.

Make Ace Parking More Eco-Friendly

In the beginning, the company faced many difficulties in this regard; however, as Keith got a hang for it, he encouraged the company to invest millions in making Ace Parking a leader in both customer service and going green.  Because of his efforts, the company has become one of the most eco-aware parking management companies in America.  Ace Parking makes use of many green technologies and practices in their offices and their parking structures and lots.  They make use of:

  •         Eco-Friendly Green Asphalt
  •         Solar charging trees
  •         Eco-friendly maintenance systems
  •         Solar Power
  •         Recycled rainwater for gardening
  •         Recycled paper for office supplies and restroom facilities
  •         Progressive EVCS (Electric Vehicle Charging Stations)

Serve The Ace Parking Community

In addition to protecting the environment, Keith Jones realized that sustainable development and corporate social responsibility played an important role in going Green and ensuring continued company growth.  Ace Parking now supports more than 50 different charities and philanthropic efforts in communities all across America.

Keith Jones has continued the longstanding legacy of neighbor helping neighbor. Ace Parking is a company to be admired and be proud of.

Princess Cruise Port Parking

Princess Cruise Port ParkingAce Parking is among America’s leading parking management companies and has expanded to over 450 locations across the country under the leadership of Keith Jones.  Even as the company progresses, Ace Parking has maintained excellent customer relations and prompt service.  The company is always seeking new locations in an effort to better serve their customers and create new business partners; the most recent addition is the Princess Cruises Port in San Francisco.  Ace Parking will apply all their practical expertise in the operation of 55 Francisco Street parking garage to make the guests’ experience as easy and convenient as possible.  This new partnership ensures safer and more efficient long-term parking options at the cruise port.

APC Booking System

Ace Parking will utilize the Airport Parking Connection (APC) system, which will allow customers to book their reservations electronically and manage all transactions online.  It is now possible to reserve you parking, confirm payment, and manage your bookings anywhere that has an internet connection making the entire process faster, easier, and more efficient.  Customers also have the option to create an account to manage any future reservations at all locations associated APC.

Booking and Operation

As mentioned above, bookings can be confirmed online or by contacting a cruise-parking representative between 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM during weekdays.  Long-term parking is calculated by calendar date meaning all parking expires at midnight on the designated day.  It is possible to reserve parking for any length of time as far in advance as you see fit.

After payment confirmation, you will receive a voucher, which you must present as proof of payment upon check-in.  We recommend arriving at least an hour before departure to allow enough time to board your ship.  We also advise that you drop off all guests and luggage at the terminal since there no shuttle transfer system from the parking garage at this time.

The parking garage is completely secure, well staffed, and monitored via video feed at all times.  After 10:00 AM, the facility offers valet parking services, but for those who prefer not to leave their keys with the company, we offer 30 self-parking spaces.


Ace Parking’s Partner Hotels Honored

Ace Parking’s Partner Hotels Honored

Ace Parking, under the leadership of Keith Jones, has made many strides in serving the community and making a move to become one of the nation’s leaders in eco-awareness.  While many people focus on these achievements, they do not always recognize his impressive business savvy.

Condé Nast

Condé Nast attracts more than 164 million readers across its twenty industry-leading print and digital media brands.  The staff of the Condé Nast Traveler surveyed an impressive 80,000 people across America to determine the best hotels in the country.  When they announced the results, Ace Parking was pleased to be partnered with three of the hotels that made it to the top of the lists of excellent hotels in America.

The renowned and well-respected Condé Nast has bestowed awards upon San Diego’s very own Omni San Diego Hotel for excellence in service and amenities.  The hotel was named one of the top 25 hotels in Southern California.  Some other hotels that have partnered with Ace Parking that were recently awarded for their excellence, include the St. Regis Hotel, Houston which was named one of the top 15 hotels in Texas, and the Fairmont Olympic Hotel, Seattle was named as part of the top 20 hotels in the Pacific Northwest.

Ace Parking’s involvement

Under the leadership of Managing Principal, Keith Jones, Ace Parking has collaborated with several prominent hotels and businesses throughout the US.  The Omni, the St. Regis, and the Fairmont Olympic are all partnered with Ace Parking, which provides quality valet services for these award-winning hotels.

A representative from Ace Parking had this to say to the press: “We are very proud that our partners in business have earned this outstanding recognition.  From our partnership with these hotels, we have been able to see firsthand the amount of effort that these wonderful hotels put forth in the name of customer service. We respect that greatly, as we constantly strive to live up to these same standards of outstanding customer service.

Congratulations to these hotels! We are proud to be a part of your business!

Ace Parking’s Keith Jones and the DreamKeepers

Keith Jones and the DreamKeepersSince Ace Parking’s Keith Jones took the post of Managing Principal and Partner from his father, Scott Jones, he has made every effort to increase the company’s efforts for social corporate responsibility.  He has especially taken interest in companies and organizations that have made an effort to be eco friendly and help underprivileged people in the San Diegoan community.  This is why Ace Parking took a special interest in the DreamKeepers Project.

From Humble Beginnings

Pat Gregory, one of the founders of the DreamKeepers project was working as a volunteer at the MHS Family Recovery Center in 2005.  She was involved in a project as an instructor for a young mother’s parenting class, who were living with their children at the center, when she realized she could be doing a lot more to instruct and guide them.

She began working with her neighbor and friend, Vera Campbell, who had previously worked with other San Diegoan not for profit organizations (NPO’s).  They began their journey toward the DreamKeeper’s project by teaching at the center and learning what procedures, facilities, courses, and services they would need to offer.  During this period of research, they realized that they would need more than just a building.  They also had a need for  teachers, counselors, and household, essentials including toiletries, clothing, beds, and appliances.

After this period of planning, they established the DreamKeepers project and created a governing board of women volunteers.  They developed a guiding set of principles, by-laws, and organizational materials.  As the organization grew and became a part of the fabric of San Diego’s community, it garnered support from the local people and businesses including Ace Parking.

Their Goal

The DreamKeeper’s project was founded to help San Diego’s young mothers to “improve and empower their lives … through the use of educational, social and agency support.

Ace Parking’s Keith Jones and the DreamKeepers are a wonderful team to help support these young mothers.