Ace Parking Gets Historic Phoenix Garage


A much-coveted parking garage in Phoenix will now be run by the leader in private parking, Ace Parking. The garage, located behind the Luhrs Tower in downtown Phoenix, is now under Ace management as of October 25, 2013, bringing about an overhaul in the way the garage is run. Its location is right near several popular attractions, including the U.S. Airways Center, CityScape, and the Maricopa County Courts. This allows visitors and residents a clean and safe place to park when they have to do business or want to enjoy the attractions of the city.

The above-ground garage has the capacity to hold 480 cars, and it is the 18th property that Ace Parking has acquired in the Phoenix area. This makes them the largest parking management company in the area. This is largely due to their strategic marketing model, proven excellence in parking experience, and ability to increase revenues consistently. Ace allows customers to reserve spots in advance for the day, eliminating the worry of finding parking in downtown Phoenix. Their rates are charged for every 20 minutes or by the maximum daily rate. They also offer season parking passes for the Phoenix Suns games.

Ace Parking is a giant in the parking management business, bringing in over $350 million in revenue each year. It is run by Keith B. Jones, who is the grandson of the founder. It was founded in 1950, and after 62 years, it has become one of the largest privately owned parking companies in the business. The headquarters are in San Diego, California, but that is just a small part of the parking giant.

Jones has built the business to over 450 facilities coast to coast due to his innovations in operations and technology. They serve over 200,000 customers around the country every day. His goal is to make the newly acquired garage in Phoenix the premier parking location in the downtown area. The company wants to make the parking experience seamless and painless, so that customers want to come back and do business with Ace Parking again.

If you’re ever in the downtown Phoenix area and looking for a place to park, you might want to try the garage behind the Luhrs Tower to experience the excellence and professionalism of Ace Parking. The company has proven its reliability and trustworthiness over time, making it easy to leave your vehicle with them for an hour or for the day.