Ace Parking and the San Diego Opera

Ace Parking and the San Diego OperaIn an effort to encourage culture and opera in the beautiful city of San Diego, Keith Jones has delved once more into the pockets of Ace Parking to make charitable donations and form an alliance with the San Diego Opera.

Why Opera

When people think of the opera, they often think of it as an elitist, bourgeois pastime that has absolutely no relevance to the “common people.”  This, in fact, is not true.  The heart of opera and all the fine arts is to bring hope, inspiration, joy, and culture into people’s lives.  Ace Parking and their Managing Principal, Keith Jones, understand the need for the fine arts.

The San Diego Opera

The San Diego Opera Guild (SDOG) was founded around the same time that Ace Parking’s Evan Jones founded his company.  The SDOG incorporated the San Diego Opera Association in 1965 where its debut performance of “La Bohème” was held in the Civic Theatre.  The Guild was originally created to bring San Francisco Opera productions to the community of San Diego.  Since it’s founding, it has grown into one of America’s top 10 opera companies and has become a model of success.  In more recent history, the San Diego Opera has received numerous awards including being named one of 13 “Cornerstone Arts Organizations” by the James Irvine Foundation.


Ace Parking’s Keith Jones has become increasingly involved with philanthropy in San Diego, as well as in cities where Ace Parking provides parking services.  He has expressed his admiration and support of the San Diego Opera’s award winning charity program known as Operation: Opera.”

The program aims to educate people in the many ways that opera is applicable to them and to increase cultural awareness.  Their outreach programs offer an education in opera to over a hundred thousand children in the San Diego County and Northern Mexico.