Ace Parking Supports Those Who Serve

San Diego Police BicyclesAce Parking Management not only cares about their customers, but they care about those who serve the communities in which they operate.

Generous and Substantial Gift

September 17, 2012 was a special day for the San Diego Police Department. In fact, they held a special press conference in order to make the announcement concerning a very special gift they had received. Spreading the news was the San Diego Chief of Police William Lansdowne, and Keith B. Jones, the managing principal and partner of Ace Parking Management.

The announcement revealed that Ace Parking Management had just given the San Diego Police Department a substantial gift of $15.000.

Specialized Police Bicycles

Due to the generosity of Ace Parking Management, the San Diego Police Department was able to purchase new specialized bicycles to aid them in performing their jobs at top notch. The new bicycles are equipped with enhancements, and technological advances which help to support the officers when serving their communities, and combating crime. They are not only technologically advanced, but they are easy to operate and maneuver, making them ideal for situations where there are large crowds gathered. Events such as sporting or community gatherings are much easier to police with the new bicycles.

Ace Parking Relishes Green Practices

According to Chief Information Officer of Ace Parking Management, Jon Gjerset, “Using green practices in our work at Ace Parking of San Diego is very important, so we wanted to apply this important principle to our gift. It’s a joy to make our community safer while also sticking to environmentally-friendly technology.”

Unlike typical police vehicles, the bicycles that Ace Parking helped obtain are not only efficient, but they are an environmentally friendly substitute to traditional police vehicles that depend on gasoline to operate.

Ace Parking Management is always looking for ways to pitch in and give their communities a boost. This is just one of many acts in which they have lent a helping hand where it was needed.