Ace Parking’s Keith Jones and the DreamKeepers

Keith Jones and the DreamKeepersSince Ace Parking’s Keith Jones took the post of Managing Principal and Partner from his father, Scott Jones, he has made every effort to increase the company’s efforts for social corporate responsibility.  He has especially taken interest in companies and organizations that have made an effort to be eco friendly and help underprivileged people in the San Diegoan community.  This is why Ace Parking took a special interest in the DreamKeepers Project.

From Humble Beginnings

Pat Gregory, one of the founders of the DreamKeepers project was working as a volunteer at the MHS Family Recovery Center in 2005.  She was involved in a project as an instructor for a young mother’s parenting class, who were living with their children at the center, when she realized she could be doing a lot more to instruct and guide them.

She began working with her neighbor and friend, Vera Campbell, who had previously worked with other San Diegoan not for profit organizations (NPO’s).  They began their journey toward the DreamKeeper’s project by teaching at the center and learning what procedures, facilities, courses, and services they would need to offer.  During this period of research, they realized that they would need more than just a building.  They also had a need for  teachers, counselors, and household, essentials including toiletries, clothing, beds, and appliances.

After this period of planning, they established the DreamKeepers project and created a governing board of women volunteers.  They developed a guiding set of principles, by-laws, and organizational materials.  As the organization grew and became a part of the fabric of San Diego’s community, it garnered support from the local people and businesses including Ace Parking.

Their Goal

The DreamKeeper’s project was founded to help San Diego’s young mothers to “improve and empower their lives … through the use of educational, social and agency support.

Ace Parking’s Keith Jones and the DreamKeepers are a wonderful team to help support these young mothers.