Ace Parking’s Oscar-isms

Oscar-300x300Customer service is the key component of any successful business model and employees who have shown an affinity for providing excellent service deserve to be acknowledged and rewarded.  Ace Parking understands the importance of this concept and stands out in this respect once again.

Ace Parking was brought in to manage a parking garage in Phoenix and in an effort to make the company stand out; one employee took initiative to bond with customers.  Oscar Carter decided to go to work every morning with a clean uniform, a smile on his face, and inspiration for customers.  In addition to greeting every customer upon entry, he shared a few inspirational words to brighten people’s days.

After some time, the regular tenants decided to dedicate a wall to Oscar and share all the inspiration they received from him.   They dubbed the wall, “Oscar-isms.”  The simple tribute to Oscar’s efforts comprised of a series of handmade letters, which beautifully frame a picture of him.  Each person wrote their favorite and most inspirational Oscar-isms and added it to the wall so that any passers-by could have a laugh or get advice.

Word of this amazing service, dedication, and innovation traveled up the corporate chain to Keith Jones who had this to say:

What a wonderful story. We are … proud of Oscar, [for] what we want our company to be. He is truly an inspiring individual.

Ace Parking publicly recognized and honored Oscar’s dedication to the company and commended his efforts.  When he was asked what the reason for his actions was, he said that his only intention was to brighten people’s days and inspire people to excel at everything they did and live life to the fullest.

This is truly the spirit of the Ace Parking family; dedication, innovation, customer service, teamwork and happiness.