Dedication to the Environment

Dedication to the EnvironmentAce Parking is known across the United stated for its excellence in service and its exemplary performance in the field of going green.  The company is involved in many eco-philanthropic organizations and has never ceased its quest for environmental responsibility.

Emphasis on Going Green

Ace Parking was founded on the San Diegoan philosophy of “neighbor helping neighbor” and they have taken many strides to help the communities in which they operate.  They have also made significant efforts to become one of the most eco-friendly parking management companies in the country.

Under the management of Keith Jones, Ace Parking has decided to make California a more environmentally friendly state.  The company encourages all its customers, employees and even their competition to adopt a green lifestyle and take measures to protect the planet.   They currently operate 72 parking facilities and locations in the state of California, all of which are paved with eco-friendly asphalt.

Are they satisfied?

Many companies are content to do the bare minimum for the environment because it is “not worth their time” or too expensive, however this has not hindered Ace Parking in the least.  Ace Parking is not yet satisfied with their level of environmental friendliness.  Managing principal, Keith Jones said, “The lack of satisfaction was about more than the lack of infrastructure [and that it was about the leaps and bounds they had not yet taken].”

The company has invested thousands upon thousands of dollars to make all their parking locations and facilities eco-friendly with green asphalt as well as installing solar charging stations.   Their hope is that the availability of solar charging stations will encourage customers to make a move towards a Green lifestyle.

When the Owner and Chairman of Ace Parking, Scott Jones was approached by the media, he said that he was proud of his son’s efforts to take the company into the future.  He mentioned that he “wholeheartedly supports all the green initiatives being implemented by the company [and his son Keith Jones]”.