Keith Jones’ Efforts to Improve Ace Parking

Keith Jones Ace ParkingKeith Jones, the grandson of Evan Jones (founder of Ace Parking), was trained at an early age in the art of customer service and excellence in parking management.   His father, Scott Jones, raised him with the same idea that Ace Parking was founded on: neighbor helping neighbor.

Keith’s Vision for Ace Parking

As Keith grew up and became an employee, then partner and managing principal of Ace Parking, he had a vision that he was determined to see implemented.  His father’s legacy was the exponential growth of Ace Parking, which Keith witnessed growing up.  He saw the company explode into a leader in the parking industry with more than 4,500 employees and an annual income of $369 million from the 450 locations across America.

He realized that he could help to continue this growth and has done so by solidifying and creating many new partnerships.  This was just a side project though, because his true goal was to make the company more progressive than any of their competitors, in the field of Eco-Awareness.

Make Ace Parking More Eco-Friendly

In the beginning, the company faced many difficulties in this regard; however, as Keith got a hang for it, he encouraged the company to invest millions in making Ace Parking a leader in both customer service and going green.  Because of his efforts, the company has become one of the most eco-aware parking management companies in America.  Ace Parking makes use of many green technologies and practices in their offices and their parking structures and lots.  They make use of:

  •         Eco-Friendly Green Asphalt
  •         Solar charging trees
  •         Eco-friendly maintenance systems
  •         Solar Power
  •         Recycled rainwater for gardening
  •         Recycled paper for office supplies and restroom facilities
  •         Progressive EVCS (Electric Vehicle Charging Stations)

Serve The Ace Parking Community

In addition to protecting the environment, Keith Jones realized that sustainable development and corporate social responsibility played an important role in going Green and ensuring continued company growth.  Ace Parking now supports more than 50 different charities and philanthropic efforts in communities all across America.

Keith Jones has continued the longstanding legacy of neighbor helping neighbor. Ace Parking is a company to be admired and be proud of.