Keith Jones: Power Player in San Diego

Keith Jones Power Player in San DiegoAll across America heirs and heiresses rise and fall, but Keith Jones of the San Diego Jones Dynasty keeps on rising.  He is the grandson of Ace Parking’s founder, Evan Jones, and renowned philanthropist, Malin Burnham.  While many people with backgrounds such as his tend to fall into bad practices and waste their opportunities, Keith Jones has seized every opportunity he could.

Why is he so successful?

Keith Jones is not from a prominent family, but at the age of 32, he is the Managing Principal of Ace Parking.  He manages one of America’s best parking management companies with over 5,000 employees in over 450 locations across the country.

One of the traits that has made him a power player in the San Diego community is his unending dedication to the people of San Diego.  He took an important page from Grandpa Burnham’s book on charity and has driven Ace Parking to collaborate with over 50 philanthropic organizations.   He is also an executive member on the committee of San Diego’s Regional Chamber of Commerce.  In addition to all of this, he is chair of the Downtown San Diego Partnership and several other prominent positions.

Motivation and Possibilities

When he was asked about the reason behind his management style and his philanthropic works, he had this to say:  “I’ve been taught by my grandfathers to be engaged civically.  A good amount of people have taught me humility and gratitude.

Keith believes that political and religious beliefs are unimportant and that extremism is one his biggest pet peeves.  Because of his background and personal professional drive, his future seems limitless.  He is determined “to continue to find ways to be as effective as possible as a community leader.”

While he is developing his own leadership style and management techniques, as well as employing elements of his education, he always goes to his grandfather for advice when he doesn’t know what to do.