Managing Principal: Keith Jones

Managing Principal Keith JonesKeith Jones, the grandson of Ace Parking’s founder Evan V. Jones, comes from a long line of self-made men.  He continues to demonstrate the two most important values, which have become synonymous with Ace Parking: a commitment to professionalism and service.  Although he oversees over 450 locations from coast to coast, he takes a hands-on approach to ensure that every client receives exceptional service.  Whether he is responding to late night correspondences, helping with new hires, or performing surprise visits to various sites, Keith understands that it is Ace Parking’s attention to detail that sets the company apart from its competitors.


As Managing Principal of Ace Parking, Keith is directly responsible for the corporate vision, strategy, and overall business development.  Since entering the position in 2004, Keith has also been in charge of the company’s finances and operations; under his guidance, the company has expanded to become one of the nation’s premier parking companies accruing over $350 million annually.  Keith has kept Ace Parking at the industry’s forefront with innovative technological and operational solutions, in addition to providing incomparable customer service.


Despite the nationwide recession, Keith was able to utilize the company’s financial strength and expand into new markets across the country.  As a direct result of these initiatives, Ace Parking is uniquely positioned to provide personalized service and meet the growing demands of their clients.  With his formal business education and the early life lessons he learned from the examples set by both his father and grandfather, Keith is set to lead Ace Parking into a new era of continued success.


Keith Jones has taken pages from both his father’s and grandfather’s books on management and incorporates all their lessons and mistakes to successfully run Ace Parking.  After growing up around the business and seeing the dedication and love that his predecessors put into the company, he learned that nurturing the company and the communities in which the different branches operate was the only way to ensure continued success.

With his attention to detail and his work ethic, Keith Jones is sure to be a standard that other businesses will try to emulate for years to come.