Dedication to the Environment

Dedication to the EnvironmentAce Parking is known across the United stated for its excellence in service and its exemplary performance in the field of going green.  The company is involved in many eco-philanthropic organizations and has never ceased its quest for environmental responsibility.

Emphasis on Going Green

Ace Parking was founded on the San Diegoan philosophy of “neighbor helping neighbor” and they have taken many strides to help the communities in which they operate.  They have also made significant efforts to become one of the most eco-friendly parking management companies in the country.

Under the management of Keith Jones, Ace Parking has decided to make California a more environmentally friendly state.  The company encourages all its customers, employees and even their competition to adopt a green lifestyle and take measures to protect the planet.   They currently operate 72 parking facilities and locations in the state of California, all of which are paved with eco-friendly asphalt.

Are they satisfied?

Many companies are content to do the bare minimum for the environment because it is “not worth their time” or too expensive, however this has not hindered Ace Parking in the least.  Ace Parking is not yet satisfied with their level of environmental friendliness.  Managing principal, Keith Jones said, “The lack of satisfaction was about more than the lack of infrastructure [and that it was about the leaps and bounds they had not yet taken].”

The company has invested thousands upon thousands of dollars to make all their parking locations and facilities eco-friendly with green asphalt as well as installing solar charging stations.   Their hope is that the availability of solar charging stations will encourage customers to make a move towards a Green lifestyle.

When the Owner and Chairman of Ace Parking, Scott Jones was approached by the media, he said that he was proud of his son’s efforts to take the company into the future.  He mentioned that he “wholeheartedly supports all the green initiatives being implemented by the company [and his son Keith Jones]”.

Ace Parking and the San Diego Opera

Ace Parking and the San Diego OperaIn an effort to encourage culture and opera in the beautiful city of San Diego, Keith Jones has delved once more into the pockets of Ace Parking to make charitable donations and form an alliance with the San Diego Opera.

Why Opera

When people think of the opera, they often think of it as an elitist, bourgeois pastime that has absolutely no relevance to the “common people.”  This, in fact, is not true.  The heart of opera and all the fine arts is to bring hope, inspiration, joy, and culture into people’s lives.  Ace Parking and their Managing Principal, Keith Jones, understand the need for the fine arts.

The San Diego Opera

The San Diego Opera Guild (SDOG) was founded around the same time that Ace Parking’s Evan Jones founded his company.  The SDOG incorporated the San Diego Opera Association in 1965 where its debut performance of “La Bohème” was held in the Civic Theatre.  The Guild was originally created to bring San Francisco Opera productions to the community of San Diego.  Since it’s founding, it has grown into one of America’s top 10 opera companies and has become a model of success.  In more recent history, the San Diego Opera has received numerous awards including being named one of 13 “Cornerstone Arts Organizations” by the James Irvine Foundation.


Ace Parking’s Keith Jones has become increasingly involved with philanthropy in San Diego, as well as in cities where Ace Parking provides parking services.  He has expressed his admiration and support of the San Diego Opera’s award winning charity program known as Operation: Opera.”

The program aims to educate people in the many ways that opera is applicable to them and to increase cultural awareness.  Their outreach programs offer an education in opera to over a hundred thousand children in the San Diego County and Northern Mexico.

Managing Principal: Keith Jones

Managing Principal Keith JonesKeith Jones, the grandson of Ace Parking’s founder Evan V. Jones, comes from a long line of self-made men.  He continues to demonstrate the two most important values, which have become synonymous with Ace Parking: a commitment to professionalism and service.  Although he oversees over 450 locations from coast to coast, he takes a hands-on approach to ensure that every client receives exceptional service.  Whether he is responding to late night correspondences, helping with new hires, or performing surprise visits to various sites, Keith understands that it is Ace Parking’s attention to detail that sets the company apart from its competitors.


As Managing Principal of Ace Parking, Keith is directly responsible for the corporate vision, strategy, and overall business development.  Since entering the position in 2004, Keith has also been in charge of the company’s finances and operations; under his guidance, the company has expanded to become one of the nation’s premier parking companies accruing over $350 million annually.  Keith has kept Ace Parking at the industry’s forefront with innovative technological and operational solutions, in addition to providing incomparable customer service.


Despite the nationwide recession, Keith was able to utilize the company’s financial strength and expand into new markets across the country.  As a direct result of these initiatives, Ace Parking is uniquely positioned to provide personalized service and meet the growing demands of their clients.  With his formal business education and the early life lessons he learned from the examples set by both his father and grandfather, Keith is set to lead Ace Parking into a new era of continued success.


Keith Jones has taken pages from both his father’s and grandfather’s books on management and incorporates all their lessons and mistakes to successfully run Ace Parking.  After growing up around the business and seeing the dedication and love that his predecessors put into the company, he learned that nurturing the company and the communities in which the different branches operate was the only way to ensure continued success.

With his attention to detail and his work ethic, Keith Jones is sure to be a standard that other businesses will try to emulate for years to come.

Jones’ Endorsement Given to Mayoral Hopeful Faulconer

keith jonesKeith B. Jones, of Ace Parking, recently gave his endorsement to mayoral hopeful Kevin Faulconer. Faulconer held a news conference in Balboa Park, home of the Balboa Park Free Tram System, to announce that he has been endorsed by a number of people, including Keith B. Jones.

Mr. Jones had recently endorsed former mayoral candidate, Nathan Fletcher, but with his loss in the November election, it is said that Fletcher changed his support to Faulconer, which led others to change their allegiance as well. This mayoral runoff race is between Faulconer and Alvarez.

Jones has long been involved in his city in many different facets and this support of the latest mayoral candidate only shows his devotion to helping the city of San Diego to continue to grow and evolve. Other businessmen, including David Malmuth, and restaurateur Dan Shea, have also endorsed Faulconer, as well as numerous other civic groups and employment groups.

Charity organizations and board’s memberships are a part of Keith’s life. He is a member of many, including as an executive committee member of San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce, Chairman of the Downtown San Diego Partnership, Gen Next, and Young Presidents Council. He is also a member of Father Joe’s Villages, The San Diego Police Foundation, co-founder of Herb Klein Leadership Roundtable, and a member of icPurple.

Keith and the rest of his family believe in giving back to the community that has given so much to them. His support of mayoral candidate, Kevin Faulconer, is just one more part of that long-standing history.

Ace Parking Ventures into the Balboa Park Free Tram System

Tram  Scott Jones

Ace Parking Management, Inc. is a California based company that has been in business for over half a century, starting its operations in 1950.  It remains one of the largest, privately held parking companies in the United States.  The company’s headquarters are located in San Diego, where it manages more than 450 locations across the United States.  Ace Parking services close to 200,000 clients per day, translating to over $369 million in revenue.  December 18th, 2013 marked a new chapter in the history of Ace Parking as it begins the Balboa Park Free Tram System for the residents of San Diego; this new service is meant to make use of the brand new Metro Tram vehicles.

The new vehicles can each comfortably transport about 100 passengers.  The three trams consist of a completely enclosed power unit and three cars.  Each power unit can hold 16 people and each of their three trailers can hold 28 passengers.

Managing Partner and Head of Ace Parking, Mr. Keith B. Jones, said that the company is greatly honored to have an opportunity to offer the Balboa Park Tram System; “being based in San Diego we are happy and privileged to offer our valuable experience as well as serve as great goodwill ambassadors to this city’s visitors, not to forget the local residents who visit the park.’’

Starting from October to April, hours of operation are between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m.; from May through October, the service will be available between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m., every day of the week.  The most common areas of operation are the Inspiration Point Parking lot, Tram Central, Pan American Plaza, Palisades, Federal Building Parking lot, Plaza de Panama and Spreckels Organ Pavilion.

The trams are operated by liquid propane and they are ADA verified.