Serving and Developing the Community

Ace Parking Serving Developing the CommunityEvan Jones started running Ace Parking from his one-man office in the early 50’s as a single car lot business.  Over the course of the company’s impressive six-decade history, growth never stopped.  Today, Ace Parking, based out of San Diego, is one of the most successful parking management companies in America.  The company employs almost 5,000 people and serves about half a million customers in 450 locations on a daily basis. Jones has always kept his humble beginnings and dedication to community development and social responsibility at the core of Ace Parking.

Ace Parking’s Dedication

The company has pledged to make a positive difference in every community where they conduct business.  One of the company’s most recent charitable donations was to the San Diego Police Department.  The SDPD received a gift of $15,000 for new police bicycles to help make the city safer.

Ace Parking and their employees are involved in charities, non-profit organizations, and foundations across the United States.  A mere handful of the companies that Ace parking supports with no strings attached include:

1)      ACS (American Cancer Society)

2)      Navy Seals Special Welfare Unit

3)      St. Vincent DePaul Society

4)      Ronald McDonald House

5)      Pro Kids Golf Academy


The big question that is in most people’s minds when large companies are involved in charities is “why?”  Ace parking does not have any ulterior motives associated with their involvement.  The company was simply founded on the belief that the community is owed a debt by large companies, which operate within them and social responsibility is necessary for continued success.

Jones realized early on that if the community was healthy and happy, business would be better, crime rates would be lower, and the people would lead lives that are more productive.  It is very inspirational to see a company like Ace Parking taking a stand in philanthropy and it will be interesting to see how many other companies follow their example.


Ace Parking’s Oscar-isms

Oscar-300x300Customer service is the key component of any successful business model and employees who have shown an affinity for providing excellent service deserve to be acknowledged and rewarded.  Ace Parking understands the importance of this concept and stands out in this respect once again.

Ace Parking was brought in to manage a parking garage in Phoenix and in an effort to make the company stand out; one employee took initiative to bond with customers.  Oscar Carter decided to go to work every morning with a clean uniform, a smile on his face, and inspiration for customers.  In addition to greeting every customer upon entry, he shared a few inspirational words to brighten people’s days.

After some time, the regular tenants decided to dedicate a wall to Oscar and share all the inspiration they received from him.   They dubbed the wall, “Oscar-isms.”  The simple tribute to Oscar’s efforts comprised of a series of handmade letters, which beautifully frame a picture of him.  Each person wrote their favorite and most inspirational Oscar-isms and added it to the wall so that any passers-by could have a laugh or get advice.

Word of this amazing service, dedication, and innovation traveled up the corporate chain to Keith Jones who had this to say:

What a wonderful story. We are … proud of Oscar, [for] what we want our company to be. He is truly an inspiring individual.

Ace Parking publicly recognized and honored Oscar’s dedication to the company and commended his efforts.  When he was asked what the reason for his actions was, he said that his only intention was to brighten people’s days and inspire people to excel at everything they did and live life to the fullest.

This is truly the spirit of the Ace Parking family; dedication, innovation, customer service, teamwork and happiness.

Ace Parking Supports Those Who Serve

San Diego Police BicyclesAce Parking Management not only cares about their customers, but they care about those who serve the communities in which they operate.

Generous and Substantial Gift

September 17, 2012 was a special day for the San Diego Police Department. In fact, they held a special press conference in order to make the announcement concerning a very special gift they had received. Spreading the news was the San Diego Chief of Police William Lansdowne, and Keith B. Jones, the managing principal and partner of Ace Parking Management.

The announcement revealed that Ace Parking Management had just given the San Diego Police Department a substantial gift of $15.000.

Specialized Police Bicycles

Due to the generosity of Ace Parking Management, the San Diego Police Department was able to purchase new specialized bicycles to aid them in performing their jobs at top notch. The new bicycles are equipped with enhancements, and technological advances which help to support the officers when serving their communities, and combating crime. They are not only technologically advanced, but they are easy to operate and maneuver, making them ideal for situations where there are large crowds gathered. Events such as sporting or community gatherings are much easier to police with the new bicycles.

Ace Parking Relishes Green Practices

According to Chief Information Officer of Ace Parking Management, Jon Gjerset, “Using green practices in our work at Ace Parking of San Diego is very important, so we wanted to apply this important principle to our gift. It’s a joy to make our community safer while also sticking to environmentally-friendly technology.”

Unlike typical police vehicles, the bicycles that Ace Parking helped obtain are not only efficient, but they are an environmentally friendly substitute to traditional police vehicles that depend on gasoline to operate.

Ace Parking Management is always looking for ways to pitch in and give their communities a boost. This is just one of many acts in which they have lent a helping hand where it was needed.

Portable Solar-Paneled EV Charging Being Tested at San Diego Airport

EV ARC Charging StationSan Diego is not new to introducing innovative technology, and once again the city is a forerunner in the technology spectrum. Starting November 12, 2013 and running for two weeks commuters at the San Diego International Airport will be able to try the new EV ARC standalone solar charging station.

Invented and manufactured by Envision Solar International Inc. of San Diego, the EV ARC fits nicely inside a typical parking space. The device does not require any wiring or trenching. It makes use of solar panels to recharge the vehicles battery.

Power Straight from the Sun to the Car

Generating roughly 16 kilowatt-hours in a day, and the power being stored in a 22-kWh battery, the new airport charger has one level 2 240V plug. Sporting the ability to support four 120V plugs, the EV ARC is a perfect option for adding charging stations to the workplace environment.

While many cities, companies, and multi-unit buildings may want to install charging stations, figuring out where to put them can be a daunting task. The EV ARC eradicates this problem as it can effortlessly be moved to various locations.

The San Diego International Airport has placed their new EV ARC in the Cell Phone Lot. This lot allows people who are picking up commuters to park for free for one hour while they are awaiting a phone call from the traveller they are there to pick up. Those who have a plug-in electric vehicle can now take advantage of that hour to top off their battery.

Assessing the Demand

A company which is proud of its product, Envision, is hoping to gain publicity during the two week trial at the San Diego Airport.

As for the San Diego Airport Authority, they believe in sustainability, and want to measure accurately how much demand there is for a product such as the EV ARC.  They are looking forward to viewing the data which the test deployment generates. By doing so, they will gain a better understanding as to the value of the product will bring to airport consumers.

Ace Parking Gets Historic Phoenix Garage


A much-coveted parking garage in Phoenix will now be run by the leader in private parking, Ace Parking. The garage, located behind the Luhrs Tower in downtown Phoenix, is now under Ace management as of October 25, 2013, bringing about an overhaul in the way the garage is run. Its location is right near several popular attractions, including the U.S. Airways Center, CityScape, and the Maricopa County Courts. This allows visitors and residents a clean and safe place to park when they have to do business or want to enjoy the attractions of the city.

The above-ground garage has the capacity to hold 480 cars, and it is the 18th property that Ace Parking has acquired in the Phoenix area. This makes them the largest parking management company in the area. This is largely due to their strategic marketing model, proven excellence in parking experience, and ability to increase revenues consistently. Ace allows customers to reserve spots in advance for the day, eliminating the worry of finding parking in downtown Phoenix. Their rates are charged for every 20 minutes or by the maximum daily rate. They also offer season parking passes for the Phoenix Suns games.

Ace Parking is a giant in the parking management business, bringing in over $350 million in revenue each year. It is run by Keith B. Jones, who is the grandson of the founder. It was founded in 1950, and after 62 years, it has become one of the largest privately owned parking companies in the business. The headquarters are in San Diego, California, but that is just a small part of the parking giant.

Jones has built the business to over 450 facilities coast to coast due to his innovations in operations and technology. They serve over 200,000 customers around the country every day. His goal is to make the newly acquired garage in Phoenix the premier parking location in the downtown area. The company wants to make the parking experience seamless and painless, so that customers want to come back and do business with Ace Parking again.

If you’re ever in the downtown Phoenix area and looking for a place to park, you might want to try the garage behind the Luhrs Tower to experience the excellence and professionalism of Ace Parking. The company has proven its reliability and trustworthiness over time, making it easy to leave your vehicle with them for an hour or for the day.