Portable Solar-Paneled EV Charging Being Tested at San Diego Airport

EV ARC Charging StationSan Diego is not new to introducing innovative technology, and once again the city is a forerunner in the technology spectrum. Starting November 12, 2013 and running for two weeks commuters at the San Diego International Airport will be able to try the new EV ARC standalone solar charging station.

Invented and manufactured by Envision Solar International Inc. of San Diego, the EV ARC fits nicely inside a typical parking space. The device does not require any wiring or trenching. It makes use of solar panels to recharge the vehicles battery.

Power Straight from the Sun to the Car

Generating roughly 16 kilowatt-hours in a day, and the power being stored in a 22-kWh battery, the new airport charger has one level 2 240V plug. Sporting the ability to support four 120V plugs, the EV ARC is a perfect option for adding charging stations to the workplace environment.

While many cities, companies, and multi-unit buildings may want to install charging stations, figuring out where to put them can be a daunting task. The EV ARC eradicates this problem as it can effortlessly be moved to various locations.

The San Diego International Airport has placed their new EV ARC in the Cell Phone Lot. This lot allows people who are picking up commuters to park for free for one hour while they are awaiting a phone call from the traveller they are there to pick up. Those who have a plug-in electric vehicle can now take advantage of that hour to top off their battery.

Assessing the Demand

A company which is proud of its product, Envision, is hoping to gain publicity during the two week trial at the San Diego Airport.

As for the San Diego Airport Authority, they believe in sustainability, and want to measure accurately how much demand there is for a product such as the EV ARC.  They are looking forward to viewing the data which the test deployment generates. By doing so, they will gain a better understanding as to the value of the product will bring to airport consumers.