Princess Cruise Port Parking

Princess Cruise Port ParkingAce Parking is among America’s leading parking management companies and has expanded to over 450 locations across the country under the leadership of Keith Jones.  Even as the company progresses, Ace Parking has maintained excellent customer relations and prompt service.  The company is always seeking new locations in an effort to better serve their customers and create new business partners; the most recent addition is the Princess Cruises Port in San Francisco.  Ace Parking will apply all their practical expertise in the operation of 55 Francisco Street parking garage to make the guests’ experience as easy and convenient as possible.  This new partnership ensures safer and more efficient long-term parking options at the cruise port.

APC Booking System

Ace Parking will utilize the Airport Parking Connection (APC) system, which will allow customers to book their reservations electronically and manage all transactions online.  It is now possible to reserve you parking, confirm payment, and manage your bookings anywhere that has an internet connection making the entire process faster, easier, and more efficient.  Customers also have the option to create an account to manage any future reservations at all locations associated APC.

Booking and Operation

As mentioned above, bookings can be confirmed online or by contacting a cruise-parking representative between 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM during weekdays.  Long-term parking is calculated by calendar date meaning all parking expires at midnight on the designated day.  It is possible to reserve parking for any length of time as far in advance as you see fit.

After payment confirmation, you will receive a voucher, which you must present as proof of payment upon check-in.  We recommend arriving at least an hour before departure to allow enough time to board your ship.  We also advise that you drop off all guests and luggage at the terminal since there no shuttle transfer system from the parking garage at this time.

The parking garage is completely secure, well staffed, and monitored via video feed at all times.  After 10:00 AM, the facility offers valet parking services, but for those who prefer not to leave their keys with the company, we offer 30 self-parking spaces.