Serving and Developing the Community

Ace Parking Serving Developing the CommunityEvan Jones started running Ace Parking from his one-man office in the early 50’s as a single car lot business.  Over the course of the company’s impressive six-decade history, growth never stopped.  Today, Ace Parking, based out of San Diego, is one of the most successful parking management companies in America.  The company employs almost 5,000 people and serves about half a million customers in 450 locations on a daily basis. Jones has always kept his humble beginnings and dedication to community development and social responsibility at the core of Ace Parking.

Ace Parking’s Dedication

The company has pledged to make a positive difference in every community where they conduct business.  One of the company’s most recent charitable donations was to the San Diego Police Department.  The SDPD received a gift of $15,000 for new police bicycles to help make the city safer.

Ace Parking and their employees are involved in charities, non-profit organizations, and foundations across the United States.  A mere handful of the companies that Ace parking supports with no strings attached include:

1)      ACS (American Cancer Society)

2)      Navy Seals Special Welfare Unit

3)      St. Vincent DePaul Society

4)      Ronald McDonald House

5)      Pro Kids Golf Academy


The big question that is in most people’s minds when large companies are involved in charities is “why?”  Ace parking does not have any ulterior motives associated with their involvement.  The company was simply founded on the belief that the community is owed a debt by large companies, which operate within them and social responsibility is necessary for continued success.

Jones realized early on that if the community was healthy and happy, business would be better, crime rates would be lower, and the people would lead lives that are more productive.  It is very inspirational to see a company like Ace Parking taking a stand in philanthropy and it will be interesting to see how many other companies follow their example.